Smart Buy

At OarSport we understand that rowing clubs need to invest continually in the best equipment to attract new members, to keep current members happy and to allow everyone to perform to their full potential. You need to make the right choices and to squeeze the most value out of available funds.

We believe that our product range and after-sales service tick all the boxes.

Qualify for the new Smart Buy scheme by making a purchase between October 1st 2018 - 30TH September 2019

Mark Wilkinson, Director of Rowing at The Windsor Boys' School explains key points of how the Smart Buy scheme has worked for them.

The Oarsport Smart Buy offer is a purchasing scheme to enable your club and its' members to utilise their buying power on ANY purchase with Oarsport to gain huge discounts on equipment for your club. It is our way of rewarding loyal and returning customers rather than negotiating one-off discounts. Smart Buy follows on from a very successful few years, with over 70 clubs a year benefitting.

We have updated the Smart Buy scheme for 2017-2018 to ensure your club has everything it needs. Whether a club approved boat purchase or a private member buying any goods from us, by choosing Oarsport as your main supplier you will be surprised how quickly the target spend levels are reached. If you are a well organised club with planned annual equipment budgets, you will already see how the below discounts can benefit your club purchases.



Fulham Reach Boat Club utilised Smart Buy to good effect with their first fleet of WinTech boats
















Discount on offer














Minimum list price





£3,500 off an International Stern Wing 8+ or boat of greater value









£2,500 off a WinTech International 4x/4- or boat of greater value







£1,500 off any WinTech International 2x/- or boat of greater value








£1,000 off any WinTech International 1x or boat of greater value







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