NK LiNK Logbook

A new cloud-based way to view, analyse, store and share your on-water workouts.

More than an App, this digital platform provides an innovative way to connect your SpeedCoach GPS, CoxBox GPS, and EmPower Oarlock to a suite of tools to help you get the most out of your workouts.

With three different levels of LiNK Logbook, you can select whatever account type fits your needs and budget.


Watch Live   Watch LiNK Logbook In Action


Individual BASIC ($0, Free) 


• Upload sessions and review individual performance stats, including all EmPower Oarlock data.

• Conduct detailed analysis of all portions of any recorded work-out from a series of intervals to stroke-by-stroke breakdown of drills, scrimmages, races, etc.

• Accept invitations to be associated with a team account.


Individual *PRO ($10/ month or $100/year) (AVAILABLE JAN 2019)


• Directly Stream live performance data to your individual logbook. No more uploading files after practice

• Share your account access and livestreamed data with a designated coach (limit 1)

• Accept invitations to be associated with a team account.



• Compare streaming data from multiple seats or boats simultaneously

• Track the location of boats in real time

• Privately stream live performance data to multiple coaches/ launches simultaneously

• Directly stream live performance data to your team logbook. No more uploading files after practice

• Assign coaches and athletes to your team for easy data sharing

• Invite friends, family, alumni and boosters with your premium account to see privately streamed data, especially during racing season


The SpeedCoach GPS is the full-featured rowing performance monitor designed to maximise your training effectiveness. Get detailed insight into your speed, stroke rate and stroke run in any seat of any boat without installing wiring, or add an impeller and pickup for consistent feedback regardless of current. Add the Training Pack option for easily programmed built-in workouts and detailed post-row stroke and split data review, please choose your upgrade option and bumper colour below.

Empower Oarlock

The Empower Oarlock provides immediate feedback to assist both rower and coach. View your athletes' technique and output while they're rowing, or as a rower you can make sure you're hitting your targets for technical proficiency and training effectiveness when you need it most: while you're rowing.