RDS (Reduced Diameter Shaft)

WinTech RDS racing oars offer exceptionally low drag from their aerodynamically engineered, ultra-slender shaft design. Available to order online via the below links. 


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Ultimate High Performance

WinTech have engineered the thinnest shaft oars and sculls currently on the market. They complement a range of hydro-dynamically efficient and size specific racing boats combining to give you a vital edge in competition. By using the most advanced materials and construction designed for lowest drag, WinTech provide the superior technology for your winning performance.

The Thinnest Shafts On The Market

RDS shafts share the same stiffness and strength as a standard shaft through advanced High-Modulus Unidirectional Carbon Fibre, yet have approximately 33% less cross-sectional outboard area. The RDS also has 10% less cross-sectional area over another well-known brand of thin oar, but more importantly, at the blade end of the shaft where it is fastest moving during the recovery, the RDS has an advantage of approximately 27% less area.








The RDS Advantage

In a single scull, RDS shafts reduce the oar drag component over standard diameter shafts of the ‘system’ (i.e. boat+rigger+sculler+oars+fin) by around 30% so it is possible to gain a calculated return of almost 2.5 seconds over 2000m in zero wind conditions. But there is more! Into head winds, the sculler is helped to maintain a higher stroke rate with less fatigue and gains even more advantage from reduced drag.


The Blade

The widely accepted carbon "smooth" blade with gel coat finish is resistant to de-lamination problems other blades suffer from. Plus, they are easily and seamlessly repaired when the inevitable small impacts do happen. A low profile blade to shaft integration further decreases aerodynamic and hydrodynamic resistance.

There is much discussion and work in progress over different blade types and shapes that work well for some users, but not others. One sure thing is that everyone will passively benefit from Reduced Diameter Shafts by the lower drag they offer.









Sleeve, Collar, Handles & Grips

A new sleeve geometry with low wearing material provides a smooth "clunk-reducing" roll up and a positive lock with firm connection at the oarlock during the catch and drive phases of the stroke. 

Standard WinTech rubber grips are available in 3 diameters, 32, 34 and 36mm plus many other grip types can be fitted to the handle for ultimate preference.

Grip size: 32mm, 34mm & 36mm 


  • Long Range Male: 373-378cm
  • Medium Range Male/Long Range Female: 369-374cm
  • Short Range Male/Medium Range Female: 365-370cm
  • Short Range Female: 361-366cm


  • Long Range Male: 287-292cm
  • Medium Range Male/Long Range Female: 283-288cm
  • Short Range Male/Medium Range Female: 279-284cm
  • Short Range Female: 275-280cm





The WinTech C90 has a standard diameter shaft built from 90% carbon fibre with a touch of fiberglass to enhance durability. Available online.


Based on our C90 oars, C40 sculls use more fibreglass and are ideal for club and touring use. Available online.


F100 oars are made with an all fibreglass construction, ideal for recreational use and perfect for learn-to-row courses. Available online.