SpeedCoach GPS - Model 2 Training Pack Upgrade

Add programmable workouts, detailed data recall, heart rate, LiNK compatibility and upgradeable firmware to your SpeedCoach Model 2!

This product includes an NK LiNK Wireless Dongle. 

(Please note: This upgrade is NOT compatible with SpeedCoach GPS Model 1.)

The emailed file will be delivered within 3 business days. 

 The SpeedCoach GPS Training Pack Upgrade adds these Software Features:

  • Programmable workouts based on time or distance - easy to set up, save and run
  • Data recall tied to workout sessions for in-depth review of pieces
  • Heart rate (compatible with any Bluetooth® low energy HR Belt)
  • Stored data can be exported wirelessly to PC or MAC
  • Wireless data transfer of just go and workout interval data to PC for viewing and storage.


What we will send to you:

  1. Bluetooth® low energy Dongle
  2. Emailed firmware upgrade file


How to Upgrade Your Unit:

  1. Enter your SpeedCoach GPS 2 serial number and purchase the Training Pack upgrade.
  2. You will receive an e-mail with your firmware file within 3 business days.
  3. After you receive the firmware upgrade file use your Bluetooth® low energy Dongle, you will need to download and install LiNK for Windows or LiNK for OSX found on Download tab of this page
  4. Insert your Bluetooth® low energy Dongle in an available USB port on your PC.
  5. Follow instructions on the "help" tab of LiNK for Windows to install upgraded firmware.


Note: This upgrade is for customers who purchased the SpeedCoach GPS 2 WITHOUT Training Pack. This WILL NOT work with SpeedCoach SUP Model 1 units.


Please Note: Firmware upgrades cannot be returned for credit once sent by NK, as there is no way for us to disable an upgrade once sent. Please reach out to us with any questions before confirming your order. Thank you.