C2 Scull Vortex Edge

The Vortex Edge blade incorporates two features intended to improve blade efficiency during the first half of the drive.

Available in 2 sizes:

  • Blade thickness 5mm (Older C2 sculls)
  • Blade thickness 3mm (Newest C2 Sculls)




The row of features bonded to the back surface of the tip are 'vortex generators' which act on the layer of water near the surface of the blade to decrease drag and increase lift. The blade perimeter tapers in towards the tip. This is to promote vortex development along the blade edges, increasing lift as the angle of attack of the blade increases. Who should use the Vortex Edge

Who should use the Vortex Edge

Although testing at Concept2 has shown a speed advantage using the Vortex Edge, more testing needs to be done to confirm its universal benefit. To this date there has been no negative response in terms of speed or handling. Big blade or Smoothie

Big Blade

A Vortex Edge can be used with either of the Concept2 blade styles.


Adding the tip features and reshaping the blade can be done by anyone who is skilled in oar and boat repair or cutting and finishing composites.