WinTech Racing Boats

Racing Boats

WinTech Racing offers a full line of racing boats as well as a range of other rowing equipment designed and manufactured to improve performance at all levels. Distributed in the UK by Oarsport of Nottingham, and in Europe by our appointed distributors. WinTech Racing shells come in four models and five weight classes to meet the varying needs of rowing organizations.

Recreational Boats

WinTech’s line of recreational shells combines the quality and performance of our racing fleet with a stable and relaxed design perfect for those just starting out or those who prefer more stability.

Adaptive Boats

Our adaptive boats are every bit a WinTech as their sister racing boats. Both the Explorer 1x & 2x are Klaus Filter designed hulls and employ the same construction advancements. Each component was explicitly developed through research and testing with the adaptive rowing community.

Touring Boats

Our WinTech Odyssey was designed for excursions on river, lake or coastline. It’s impact resistant construction below the waterline also makes it ideal for learn-to-row programmes.


WinTech Racing's highly maneuverable wakeless launches are perfect for all your coaching and regatta needs, especially in areas designated wakeless. We also offer the correct size Mercury engines for one-stop shopping.

Electronics, Boat Parts & Accessories

Visit our shop to see our full range of WinTech Racing boat parts, WinTech Racing Oars and Nielsen Kellerman electronics

More Info

Whether you are looking for a complete guide on what kind of boat is right for you, or you just need to know what we currently have in stock, all the information is here to help you understand why you should consider investing in a WinTech boat.