Smart Buy Purchasing Scheme

Wintech Boats Utilise our Smart Buy purchasing scheme to qualify for half price WinTech Boats and free Nielsen-Kellerman Electronics for your club!

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WinTech Boats Brochure

Wintech Boats The WinTech Boats Brochure provides information on our whole range of boats including:
* Racing Shells
* Recreational Boats
* Adaptive Boats
* Coaching Catamarans Find Out More

Swingulator Dry-Tank

Wintech Boats The Swingulator is the most advanced indoor rowing simulator and coaching tool on the market. It allows coaches to accurately evaluate each rower’s output, optimise individual blade work and maximise crew efficiency and boat speed. Find Out More

Coaching Catamarans

Wintech Boats Our highly manoeuvrable, wake-less launches are perfect for all your coaching and regatta needs. Find Out More