Project B PBR2 Rowing Shoe - Black/Red

 A World first split sole carbon fiber rowing shoe utilising the lightest, highest quality and best performance materials, researched, innovated and built from the ground up for rowers, by rowers.

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Lighter, Stronger, Faster.

A World first split sole carbon fiber rowing shoe utilizing the lightest, highest quality and best performance materials, researched, innovated and built from the ground up for rowers, by rowers.

Design direction from the largest foot force data pool ever collected, a shape formed by 20,000 athlete foot scans and the expertise of Bont Rowing.

  • World first Carbon Fiber split-sole design
  • Lightest high performance shoe on the market
  • Best force transfer and connection measured
  • Mid-arch foot support
  • Anatomic heel cup and counter
  • Carbon fiber forefoot and heel cradle for ultimate force transfer and steering response
  • Hydrophobic memory foam insole
  • Dual lock down straps
  • Biomechanics shaped to box
  • A rowing shoe built by rowers for rowers

World First Split-sole Design

Combines the advances of Bont Cycling’s proven carbon soles with the innovative Sweet-Spot flex zone.The carbon heel and forefoot cradles provide optimal power transfer, reduced foot slop, and—with the Sweet-Spot— allow easy, yet controlled flexion for a stable and comfortable catch.


Mid Arch Support

The supportive carbon sole structure improves foot positioning and control, an impact that is felt right up the lower limb to aid knee, hip and spinal tracking through the stroke.


Carbon fiber forefoot Cradle

Effective force transfer, more responsive steering, improved feel and far greater comfort. The shape and build of the carbon fiber forefoot cradle aids the actual shape of the foot when rowing and allows a better fit across all foot types, while providing lateral support for steering and control.


Anatomic Heel Counter

Blisters, rubbing and achilles pressure are all issues we have seen in rowing. We have built the shape of the heel counter and it’s cut out specifically for the motion the heel and achilles go through during the stroke. No more blisters, hot sports or discomfort km after km.


shoe profile

Developed with the rower’s foot in mind—anatomically shaped, and supported where it counts. The Project B shoes look like no other because no other shoe is designed around your feet *. With a wider toe box and a wrap around upper that works with the sole to support you.


Carbon Fiber heel cup

Heel connection and load are vital for the ultimate stroke, engaging your hamstring and gluteal muscles helps with force and control through the legs, pelvis and lower back. Project B brings you a carbon heel cup that supports your every stroke and moves with you.


Sweet-spot flex zone

Bends with the foot, reduces foot roll through the stroke and guides movement for a more controlled, efficient row and an effortless catch.


EVA outsole

Primary point of contact provides elite connection for the efficient transmission of force.


memory foam insole

Moulds to your foot shape for a customised fit. Quick-dry lining manages moisture for comfort and hygiene.


Tongueless midfoot wrap

Reduces weight, repels water, and enables quick entry and exit. Minimalist materials provide a refined fit and flexibility, allowing natural movement. Vented Durolite material improves airflow and drainage


Dual lock-down safety Straps

Distributes the fastening load to a wide area to provide a solid connection without hotspots. Straps use 3M Velcro—the gold standard—and are optimised to require less effort, length, and drag to release, while fitting all foot types, including high arches.

3K Carbon heel & forefoot cradle, Durolite upper
Stack Height
3.6 mm
Air Vents
Ventilation via perforated upper
EVA thermo-moldable
Sole Guards
High density memory foam
Non porous memory foam
Cleat Mounting
Standard 4 hold offset foot stretcher bolt pattern with carbon reinforced plate
Closing Options
Twin velcro strap closure with reinforeced archor points
235 grams (size 42)