2K Bow Ball

Re-inforced Bow Ball fits 1x, 2's and 4's

This highly durable bow ball employs a 2-part over-moulded system hiding the core from harmful UV rays with a softer outer skin. When combined these deal with repeated impacts from daily use.

What’s included:

  • 2K Bow ball
  • Flush fitting fixing collars


Available in red or black, please choose colour below: 


Designed by rowers for rowers

Safe and cost effective

The 2K Bow ball was developed to improve water safety and save money because of its super durable long life construction. The male and female fitting collars with washers offer the best and most secure fixing together with low profile flush heads to minimise protrusions that cause damage and injury during impacts.

2-Part design and construction

The high density and high impact coloured core interlocks with the outer bow ball, protected from degrading UV rays gives excellent repeated impact performance from landing jetty contacts and stable location during incident impacts. Large blended radii to reduce points of stress and the styling looks great along with the contrasting core colour and three racing strips illustrating the connection to the ball and racing to come first. The coloured high-density core also offers excellent fixing location that is resistant to tearing and ripping.