BatLogic ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease

 The ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease is a performance foot plate for your boat and ergo. The shape and function have come from years of R&D and rowing experience, focusing on performance gains and injury reduction for all athletes.

Be your best - beat the rest.

Available in Small or Large - please choose size below. 

  • Small fits up to EU43 shoe size
  • Large fits EU44 and above



Increased Performance, Stability & Connection

The ShoePlate Pro allows enhance leg muscle use leading to improved power and increased efficiency from the specific biomechanic and sports medicine based design. Improved foot support, greater engagement and enhanced heel load through the stroke gives you confidence, consistency and a stronger base for your drive, as well as improved boat trim and feel.

Reduce Injury & Improve Hygiene

The ShoePlate Pro offers greater gluteal control and use which leads to better stability in the boat targeting the most common rowing injury risk factors from the feet up. The click in/click out QuickRelease feature allows you to use your own shoes allowing you to experience better hygiene as well as improved performance and greater comfort.

Science Based & Race Proven

The design is based on analysis of 2000+ athletes and indepth research . The ShoePlate Pro QuickRelaase took 4 gold medals in London 2012, as well as numerous School, College and National Championships.

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  • QuickRelease functionality – your shoes every row
  • Fits all major boats and rowing shoes
  • Compatible with most steering systems
  • 7 degree wedge at the toe
  • 4 degree wedge at the heel
  • Lightweight, sculpted biomechanic design
  • Comes standard with 1x pair of BasePlates
  • Purchase extra BasePlates so you can use your ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease in every boat
  • Designed for rowing performance, not for walking
  • FISA approved heel ties must be used



  • Small fits up to EU43 shoe size
  • Large fits EU44 and above