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Here at Oarsport with our combined vast experience and knowledge of our sport at just about every level, we have used and abused most makes of rowing equipment for over six decades! We know what works and what doesn't. We know what is designed and built well. We know what performs best when you need it most. In our own rowing successes we've relied on the equipment we now distribute among the UK's rowing community. We've had long relationships with the people behind the products. We've seen them grow and develop into the leading rowing equipment manufacturers known and trusted across the globe. We know, we've rowed, trained and coached with the best.


Our Aim

Centrally located in the Midlands of England, and only a few minutes drive from the National Water Sports Centre and Nottingham City Centre, our aims are to serve the UK's rowing community with up-to-date, reliable racing equipment and accessories to help them reach their rowing dreams, and to encourage newcomers to the sport through our range of recreational rowing shells.


WinTech Racing

WinTech Racing is a company that understands that no single purchase is more important to a rower or a rowing organisation than buying a racing shell. WinTech Racing's mission is to promote the growth of rowing by making it easier and more affordable to buy quality shells that improve performance at all levels.

WinTech has brought together the resources of the global marketplace in renowned German hull designer Klaus Filter, the Flying Eagle Boat Company, and a group of business, engineering, and rowing talents in the USA and Europe, WinTech Racing has created an organisation dedicated to:

  • Innovation in the manufacturing and delivery of racing shells
  • Investment in research and development to bring you the latest advances in design and technology
  • The best price-value relationship in the marketplace
  • Exceptional service and support through our nationwide sales force and inside customer service team

WinTech Racing is your complete rowing resource. We also offer coaching launches and trailers, oars, racks, a full inventory of spare parts, as well as a comprehensive line of accessories, tools, and equipment.            


Nielsen-Kellerman Electronics

Nielsen-Kellerman designs, manufactures and distributes rugged sports performance instruments for rowing and paddling.

NK’s family of Electronics  have helped rowers and coaches from all over the world to train and race to the best of their ability with relevant feedback right there in the boat or in your hand. Always at the forefront of technology, NK have simplified and made products rugged enough for the harsh environments in which the sport of rowing can be found. Perhaps no other sport has so many variables in weather conditions - blistering sun, chilly winds, rain, sleet or snow, flat or rough water.

NK have a reputation for quality and reliability that no other rowing electronics manufacturer has yet gained or even come close to. NK have over 30 years experience and knowledge in designing products that work for you.


Rowing Innovations

Following feedback from over 3000 rowers and 50 coaches and 5 prototypes Rowing Innovations have produced The Swingulator - the most advanced indoor rowing simulator and coaching tool on the market.

The Swingulator allows coaches to accurately evaluate each rower’s output, optimise individual blade work and maximise crew efficiency and boat speed.

Now all rowing programs can have access to a superior and affordable indoor rowing simulator to maximise their team's’ performance.