Cobra Single

The WinTech Racing Cobra is our premium range single. Built using medalist construction it features a bladder moulded bow mounted carbon wing rigger and is supplied with Bat Logic Quick Release Shoeplate Pro, Padded rigger cover, Padded boat cover, Tool kit, and press moulded carbon or cushioned seat. Available in five sizes with painted hull as standard.

We offer a special edition Cobra with clear coat gloss finish or wet sanded matte black hull.

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Award Winning Boat Designer

 WinTech Racing’s Chief Designer Klaus Filter is one of the sport’s most decorated and accomplished racing shell designers. Over the past 50 years, Filter-designed boats have won more international gold medals than any other hull. 

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Biomechanic Waterline Design

Filter was the only slender hull designer to empirically test and account for human impact on rowing shells. He calculated and applied extensive data to refine the shape, waterline, and thus the wetted surface accordingly. What you get is a pragmatic hull that’s optimised for thru-water performance when rowed. 

WinTech’s engineering team uses the latest CAD software to design and analyse the hull and cockpit to optimise performance, ergonomics and aesthetic design. The same process is applied to the design and construction of the smaller parts and fittings too. 

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Medalist Construction

Laminated Nomex honeycomb core sandwiched between a high-modulus uni-directional pre-preg carbon fibre, carbon exterior and interior. Additional carbon fibre reinforcement on gunwales. Heat cured in mold. 

Sandwich construction boats are lighter and stiffer than their single-skin counterparts due to a honeycomb core, making them more suited to high performance use.

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Unique Self Bailing System

WinTech’s self-bailing feature is a huge advantage over non-self bailing shells especially where large quantities of water are taken on in rough conditions or even heavy rain. A few hard strokes can quickly eject those unwanted extra kilos. The boat will remain buoyant even when completely swamped and the crew has stopped rowing as the design meets and exceeds FISA guidelines on buoyancy.

Watch WinTech Self Bailing In Action


Here at Oarsport we believe that your boat should be exactly that, yours! All boats come as standard with our "WinTech Red" stripe and trim colouring. However, if you would like to customise your boat to match your school, club or university colours please specify at the time of ordering with a RAL code. We will even produce a boat name and ID number so that your boat is ready for the water as soon as you take delivery. 

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Suitable For

Athlete Weight Range

 Super Lightweight (SLW)

This shell is designed for junior and lightweight women with good rowing skills. A novice crew might be more comfortable in the LW size. 50-60kg

 Lightweight (LW)

This shell is ideal for all juniors and lightweight men, regardless of rowing skills. Crews that weigh close to the upper limit might be more comfortable in the MW size. 60-75kg

 Midweight (MW) 

This is a popular shell for open class women and mid-weight men. Crews that weigh close to the upper limit might be more comfortable in the HW size. 75-85kg

 Heavyweight (HW)

This shell is designed for heavyweight men at all skill levels.  85-105kg


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Bow-mounted, 5-point Parabolic

Carbon Wing Rigger




Carbon Height Adjustable Seat


Red WinTech Rowing Shoes

BAT Logic Footplate

Padded Boat Cover

Rigger Cover

Spare Parts Tool Kit




WinTech Oars


NK SpeedCoach GPS2


Boat Trestles


 Cushioned Seat

(available at no extra cost) 


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Medalist Single

The Medalist is our dual carbon, full honeycomb core single scull. This racing boat features a bow or stern-mounted aluminium rigger.

International Single

The International is our kevlar/carbon laminated, full honeycomb core single scull. This racing boat features bow or stern-mounted aluminium riggers.

Competitor Single

The Competitor is our intermediate fibreglass and carbon laminated single skin single scull. It features a stern mounted aluminium rigger.

Junior Racer Single

The Junior Racer is our entry-level fiberglass training single scull. This rowing boat features a durable fiberglass hull and a stern-mounted rigger.